Our Story

In November of 2020, when most people were isolating at home, I was going to the cancer center to receive daily doses of radiation. The COVID-19 pandemic had just reached a peak in our area and like the many other patients at the cancer center, I wore a handmade cotton mask, used liberal amounts of hand sanitizer, and did whatever necessary to avoid high-contact public surfaces such as door pulls, elevator buttons and touchscreens. It was a frightening time. Determined to beat breast cancer, I carried on, but I wanted better solutions to protect myself as I entered the hospital.

During my recovery, I continued to go on daily walks with my friend Shelley, also a breast cancer survivor. Shelley loves fashion. She is always flawlessly coordinated, not only her leggings and top but also her shoes and her long, painted fingernails, too—she is a complete package of perfection. One day, when Shelley was struggling to reply to an important text, I noticed how she often resorted to using her knuckle to hit the virtual keys—and Eureka! 

I spent years designing a finger mounted stylus that extended from the knuckle or pip joint. I wanted it to be comfortable and fashionable enough to wear everyday and also an accurate tool that was convenient and easy to use on everything from elevator buttons to touchscreens. I partnered with a manufacturer that could help realize my product and meet my quality standards.

The Shelley, our introductory design, is sleek and elegant which mean you can keep this stylus literally on-hand at all times to press, type, swipe, and sign with flawless signature style and never miss a beat.

For those who want a little bling on their ring, the Angela, a design that incorporates gemstones, is already in the works. 

Whatever you prime motivation, whether health or beauty, wear a Pipit Ring for the comfort of knowing that if you can't touch it— you can always Pipit.